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IV Therapy

Everyone wants to achieve their healthiest, best self. Thanks to ever expanding health technology, there’s a way to do so beyond just a clean, balanced diet and regular exercise. Keep your health and vitamin intake as optimized as possible!

At The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics, we understand the importance of getting and staying healthy. We live it! That’s why our team is excited to offer IV Therapy to our clients in the New Windsor, Newburgh, Cornwall, New York City and all around the Tri-State area. If you’re wondering if IV Therapy could be beneficial to you, read our FAQ below.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a common, minimally invasive way to restore your body’s vitamins by injecting them directly into the vein. IV therapy is a great way to give yourself a boost of immunity, energy, beauty, nutrition, and more.

IV Therapy Mixtures Offered at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery

At the Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics, our signature IV mixtures are here to provide a multitude of health benefits! Unlike most providers, we source our IV ingredients directly from high-end, well established, reputable compounding pharmacies with a proven track record for ingredient consistency in both content and vitamin activity. This ensures that your IV treatment will deliver tangible benefits that you’ll feel immediately. This is The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics difference.

Immunity IV Mixture

Try the Immunity IV mixture infused with Vitamin C, Zinc, and B vitamins to help protect against infection. This mixture supports healing, proper immune health, and can reduce the duration of illness.

Inner Beauty IV Mixture

The inner beauty IV mixture is infused with Vitamin C, B-Complex vitamins, and Biotin. This infusion helps replenish dehydrated hair, skin, and nails. It helps restore tired skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Myer’s Cocktail

Myer’s Cocktail is infused with Magnesium Chloride, B-Complex Vitamins, B12, Calcium Gluconate, and Vitamin C. These ingredients can help alleviate stress, promote a healthy immune system, provide hydration, and reduce pain.

Reboot IV Infusion

The Reboot IV infusion is infused with a medication called Ondansetron to help alleviate nausea, B-Complex vitamins, and essential minerals. This mixture is intended to restore, detox, and reduce inflammation of the body after a long night out.

What Illnesses Can IV Therapy Treat?

IV Therapy is becoming more and more popular because of its ability to help or even treat many different conditions, including:

  • Chronic migraines
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hangovers
  • Chronic Vitamin Deficiency

Is IV Therapy Safe?

At The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics, we ensure that our IV therapy treatments contain the highest standard of active ingredients, are safe and truly effective. Cassandra Tutalo, FNP-BC and her team are well-trained in IV therapy and will help you discern which IV solution is best for your health needs and lifestyle.

Who Can Get an IV Therapy Treatment?

Anyone who is considered healthy and 18 or older are great candidates for our IV therapy. It’s important to note that you should not receive this treatment if you are pregnant, suffer from liver disease, heart disease, or kidney disease, or are actively receiving chemotherapy.

How Long Does a Session Take?

Most of our custom IV therapy infusions take about 60 minutes.

How Often Can You Get an IV Treatment?

Most people benefit from getting IVs as frequently as once weekly or as little as once a month.

What are the Side Effects to IV Therapy?

Most people feel immediately energetic, rested and generally rejuvenated immediately following the infusion. Very few experience any notable side effects after receiving an infusion. However, it is possible for you to experience transient mild discomfort at the site of the IV insertion.

Can IV Therapy Replace Taking Medicine or Antibiotics When I’m Sick?

While there is IV Therapy where antibiotics can be infused directly into the bloodstream, this is only used for severe life-threatening situations and illnesses. IV Therapy vitamin infusions are not meant to heal you from serious illnesses but rather boost your immunity and overall health to prevent you from getting sick in the first place. The more frequently patients undergo IV Therapy, achieving the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients needed, the less prone they are to catching contagious colds or other illnesses.

How Long Will The Benefits of My IV Therapy Last?

IV fluids will remain in the body just a few hours after your treatment. However, the vitamins and minerals that come from your vitamin infusion can stay in the body anywhere from a few days to a few months. It is important that the IV Therapy treatment you choose is catered to you and your body as it can take time to adjust to the infused fluids. Most patients report that over time, IV Therapy has eliminated or minimized fatigue, chronic headaches, and other prolonged conditions, helping them to improve their lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more about our IV therapy mixtures, how we differ from the masses and the many benefits, call The Med Spa in New Windsor, NY, at 845-565-7040 to schedule an appointment.

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