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Laser Hair Removal

No one likes the nuisance of unwanted hair. Shaving regularly is a time-consuming endeavor, leading to problems with stubble, cuts and unsightly razor bumps. We all know waxing is painful and the hair still returns. For our patients who want a quick, long-term solution to unwanted hair, The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics offers the gold standard in laser hair removal technology, the Vectus Laser by Cynosure. Simply put, the Vectus laser is the fastest, most complete, most comfortable, longest lasting laser hair removal system available anywhere today.

You can be in and out of your laser hair treatment in literally a matter of minutes. Laser hair removal with the Vectus laser at The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics not only saves you time, but also provides you with the single most effective long-term result. Any other laser hair removal treatment system will give you only a few guarantees:

-Guaranteed that each treatment session will take 30….60….90 painful minutes

-Guaranteed that you will have average results for 3 to 6 months at most

-Guaranteed that your laser hair removal treatment journey will never end

The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics offers our more discerning clients a superior laser hair removal option:

Cynosure’s proprietary, precise, diode nanometer technology perfectly and precisely targets all active follicles causing permanent ablation of the hair follicle, preventing that follicle’s ability to regrow hair. Given the Vectus laser’s variable spot size selection, The Med Spa is able to offer a 10cm treatment area with each pass! Pause and process that for just a moment…..10cm spot size…..that is 10x the treatment area of the leading competitor’s laser hair removal system. That means that each single pass with our Vectus laser is equivalent to 10 passes with any other laser. Quite literally, you can achieve full body laser hair removal in under 10 minutes. Why would anyone choose otherwise?

The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics laser hair removal treatment can be used for any unwanted hair on any skin type:

  • Face and Neck
  • Ears
  • Arms and Underarms
  • Shoulders and Back
  • Chest
  • Bikini Area
  • Legs
  • Feet

Is laser hair removal safe?

As with any laser technology, when performed correctly by an experienced, professionally trained laser aesthetician, laser hair removal is very safe. The Vectus laser specifically targets the hair follicles, leaving surrounding skin unharmed.

Does laser hair removal work for everyone?

The Vectus hair removal laser works and can be used safely on all skin tones. Those with lighter skin tone and darker hair will typically require fewer treatments to achieve their hair removal goals than individuals with darker skin tone. Those with lighter hair color may also require additional treatments to achieve their desired aesthetic goals. Typically, laser hair removal is most effective with fewest treatments in those with coarse, dark hair.

What areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

Any area on the body can be treated.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Thanks to the specific wavelength of the Vectus laser, the discomfort felt during each treatment is minor. With subsequent treatment sessions, the discomfort is less and less as there are fewer and fewer hair follicles remaining.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Vectus laser hair removal permanently ablates active growth hair follicles. Each treatment session reduces the amount of hair growth in the treatment area. After the required sessions, appreciable hair growth will be minimal if any at all. As time passes, new, but few hair follicles may grow hair, requiring possible brief maintenance sessions or touch-ups. These may be needed once every 12 months on average.

Luckily, Cynosure’s new laser technology has allowed us to make the laser hair removal process as effective, efficient and as comfortable as possible.

How long does one session take?

Usually, the length of the session is entirely dependent on the size of the area being treated. Small areas like the upper lip can be done in under 60 seconds. Larger areas like the legs can take 3-4 minutes.

The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics laser hair treatment sessions take a fraction of the time, allowing you get back to your daily activities quicker than ever before.

How many treatments will I require?

The number of sessions using the Vectus Laser may vary slightly depending on the area being treated. Popular areas like the bikini, legs, and underarms average 6 sessions.

If you are looking to for the most time efficient, cost effective solution for unwanted hair, visit us here at The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics. Using Cynosure’s Vectus technology, we can get you smooth, hairless skin faster than ever before. Contact us at 845-565-7040 to schedule your laser hair removal appointment today!

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