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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal With Picosure® Laser in Windsor, NY

Laser Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Do you have a tattoo that you now regret? One of those “in the moment” decisions that you’re living with despite the moment being long gone? Tattoo regret is actually quite common today. Twenty percent of adults with a tattoo regret the decision. In times past, the only thing scarier than getting a tattoo, was removing it. That’s all changed with PicoSure. Ridding your skin of unwanted ink has never been easier, more comfortable or more affordable.

Dr. Fugo is excited to offer his patients a chance to remove unwanted tattoos with the revolutionary PicoSure laser treatment. With fewer treatments, faster results, and far less discomfort than any other laser available, PicoSure is now the gold standard for tattoo removal. Simply stated, anything else is inferior.

How does PicoSure get rid of unwanted tattoos?

Before PicoSure, traditional laser tattoo removal methods were very painful and ineffective at removing all ink colors. PicoSure improves upon the traditional method, using ultra-short pulses to target and shatter specific ink particles. Once the laser breaks the ink particles apart, they are quickly absorbed and eliminated by your body.

Using specific laser settings, Dr. Fugo can effectively target and eliminate all tattoo ink colors. Older laser technology had difficulty erasing certain pigments, such as red, yellow, orange and green, but with PicoSure, you can achieve complete clearance of an entire tattoo, whether it is black ink or multi-colored.

At Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery, tattoo removal with the PicoSure laser is performed using numbing agents on the skin, making the treatment nearly painless. PicoSure completely removes tattoos in an average of 6 treatments! All other laser tattoo removal methods average 15-18 treatments!


PicoSure for Skin Rejuvenation

Although it is primarily used for tattoo removal, Dr. Fugo can also use the PicoSure laser system to provide patients with a variety of skin care benefits. PicoSure offers patients a non-surgical option for restoring a youthful and healthy appearance of areas such as the body, face, hands, chest, and more.

Using the PicoSure laser, Dr. Fugo can target and treat common skin concerns such as brown spots, sun damage, pigmented areas, and acne scars. The PicoSure system targets and shatters the pigmented cells just as it does with the tattoo removal procedure – allowing your body to absorb and effectively eliminate unwanted pigment.

How Does PicoSure Remove Tattoos?

The fundamental aspect of laser tattoo removal is to deliver accurate wavelengths of light with ideal force to permeate tattoo ink. At the same time, energy cannot be too great for the surrounding skin to manage. PicoSure laser tattoo removal is built for efficacy and safety. The device features rapid-burst energy output that lasts a mere one trillionth of a second. The reduced energy output is facilitated by PressureWave™ technology, which enables the laser light to break down pigment into smaller particles more quickly. When laser energy hits a particle of pigment in a tattoo, that particle shatters. With PicoSure, the particle shatters into the smallest pieces. As tiny particles, ink pigments can be easily picked up by the lymphatic system, which flushes debris from the body.

How Many Sessions Will I Need to Fully Remove My Tattoo?

The PicoSure device is built for comfort, efficiency, and speed. The laser pulses act four times faster than other laser tattoo removal systems, which can result in fewer treatment sessions. While individual results can vary, the average PicoSure treatment involves just five to six sessions on average, scheduled several weeks apart. Vibrant tattoo artwork containing multiple colors, particularly reds and yellows may require further, focused treatments.

Advantages of PicoSure Over Other Tattoo Removal Options

Prior to the development of the PicoSure laser device, laser tattoo removal was performed using Q-Switch technology. The pace of laser pulses was much slower compared to the PicoSure device. At a slower pace, the Q-Switch laser would dismantle larger clumps of pigment into smaller, pebble-sized clumps. The PicoSure device targets tattoo pigment, as well as natural brown spots, and dissolves them into dust-sized particles. This is because the pulses of the PicoSure device can be adjusted for greater speed, which creates pressure waves in the skin. By breaking pigment down into smaller particles more quickly, it is possible to eliminate unwanted pigment in fewer treatment sessions using PicoSure. Additionally, the faster pulses of the PicoSure laser mitigate trauma to surrounding tissue.

Will I Have Any Scarring After PicoSure Tattoo Removal?

The chance of scarring from PicoSure tattoo removal is very slight, less than two percent. When you consult with Dr. Fugo about this treatment, he will carefully evaluate your tattoo and your skin for characteristics that may indicate a higher risk for scar formation. However, the PicoSure device has been developed for extraordinary efficiency and safety across a broad spectrum of pigments and complexions.

Is PicoSure Tattoo Removal Safe for All Skin Types?

The PicoSure device is considered the very best for skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal. Unlike other lasers, the PicoSure technology is appropriate for all skin types.

Is PicoSure Tattoo Removal Painful?

You endured the discomfort of getting a tattoo, so you’ll find PicoSure tattoo removal quite tolerable. We understand that every person’s pain threshold is different. However, most of the reports that have come in after PicoSure treatments describe the procedure as mildly uncomfortable, not painful.

When Can I Expect to See Results from PicoSure Skin Rejuvenation?

PicoSure skin rejuvenation works by creating numerous tiny channels in the upper layers of the skin. Immediately after treatment, you can expect to see some swelling and redness. If you have areas of sun damage, you may see spots darken after your PicoSure treatment. This is a natural byproduct of prompting cellular turnover and tissue regeneration. 

How quickly you begin to see the cosmetic benefits of your rejuvenating service can depend on a few different factors. In general, we expect your skin to look new-and-improved in two to three weeks after your first session. Some of the factors that influence how soon and how dramatically these improvements develop include:

  • Your age. More mature skin usually has more cellular damage. It may require more stimulation to the dermis to regain optimal regenerative abilities. 
  • Your current collagen and elastin levels. These are an aspect of your age and other health factors. The amount of collagen and elastin that is present at the time of your PicoSure treatment will influence your results. If you have lower baseline levels, then it will take more time and stimulation to restore them to levels at which your skin can be revived. 
  • Your skin condition. If your skin is weak, sun-damaged, and deprived of vital nutrients, it will need higher amounts of collagen, elastin, and cellular turnover to see more profound results. 
  • Your natural cellular turnover cycle. It can take anywhere from 28 to 40 days for your skin cell turnover process to complete. While PicoSure accelerates this process, there is no strict timeline within which it completes.

Are the Results of PicoSure Treatment Permanent?

They can be. It depends on the purpose of your treatment. If you schedule PicoSure tattoo removal or scar removal, the results achieved during your series of sessions are expected to last indefinitely. If you undergo this laser procedure for skin rejuvenation, your results can be long-lasting but are not expected to be permanent. As you age, your collagen and elastin levels will decline once again. Sun exposure can result in eventual discoloration and fine lines. To sustain long-term tissue resilience and youthfulness, you can schedule touch-up resurfacing as needed based on your age, lifestyle, and desired results. 

How Often Should I Repeat PicoSure Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation?

Your treatment regimen is completely up to you. After your series of PicoSure skin rejuvenating treatments, we can discuss how you can prolong your results by using quality skin care and avoiding too much sun exposure. Our office also offers a comprehensive menu of non-surgical treatments that you can explore as you seek to support your skin. You may safely receive PicoSure as often as two to three times a year. That said, you may receive optimal benefits with monthy treatments. Your experienced provider will work with you to ensure that the investment you make into your appearance continues to give you significant rewards!

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