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This widely known, but seemingly poorly practiced, semi-permanent cosmetic brow tattooing technique has been expertly and artistically refined to the elevated standards one comes to expect from every service here at The Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics. The process, performed only by our Medical Esthetician, differs from traditional tattoos. Microblading is utilized with fine needles to create hair-like strokes on the brows, depositing pigment beneath the skin. The outcome is natural-appearing brow hairs that can last for a year or longer. While microblading can be considered a form of tattooing, it is not permanent like traditional tattoos. Our ink used in microblading contains truly microscopic pigment particles compared to traditional tattoo ink. Our application process is distinct. Microblading offers a unique way to enhance and define brows, creating that natural brow appearance one is in search of.

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