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92 Old Rte 9W, New Windsor, NY 12553


Oxygen Facial 3 in 1

Experience the process of Oxfoliation™ only here at the Med Spa by Futalo Aesthetics. Using patented Glo-2-Facial OxyPods & Primer Gel, our medical esthetician will work in harmony with your facial sift tissues to gently exfoliate your skin, generating a soothing, effervescent bubbling, CO2-rich environment on your skin’s surface. This triggers the body to send a surge of oxygen to the skin, creating optimal conditions for improving vascularity, nourishing and transforming the skin from within.

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Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery or The MedSpa by Futalo Aesthetics

We help you be the best version of yourself. Get natural-looking results for a more vibrant you.

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